Opera Kobayashi

Opera Kobayashi



Alter Ego

{{{alter ego}}}


Lost his toy

Named After

Yoshio Kobayashi


Milky Holmes

First Appearance
Voiced by

Shuta Morishima

He is the one who trained Milky Holmes as a detectives and the skills to use their Toys, though mentioned in the first season of the anime and is seen in a picture (13:48) . He never truly makes an appearence in the TV series, but does appear in two specials Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative ONE -Kobayashi Opera to 5-mai no Kaiga- and Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative TWO -Kobayashi Opera to Kokuu no Ougarasu-

On the PSP game, he is the main protagonist who is said to be the person who trained Milky Holmes. His name is based after Yoshio Kobayashi. In the PSP game, he lost his Toy much the same as the Milky Holmes.

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